An end-to-end automated Estate Returns Information Collection (ERIC) return management for the NHS.

The ERIC Automated Solution is a web-based application designed to make the whole Estate Returns Information Collection (ERIC) annual return process simpler to administer and more accurate.

Most Trusts resort to manual data gathering procedures. This requires not only a laborious collection process, but also the manual collation of data and complex calculations, often using spreadsheet applications.

Because it is a largely manual activity, it can result in human error, leading in turn to data inaccuracies, double accounting, and omissions. The ERIC Automated Solution is the answer to many of these concerns.

Additionally, compiling the data for the ERIC return can be an arduous time-consuming activity. Much of the time spent gathering data for the return is hidden and therefore not easily quantifiable. However, in current installations of the solution, our colleagues have found that there has been a significant reduction in the time spent in creating and compiling the return, once the initial onboarding process is completed.


Real-time feedback and business intelligence on returns

Easy-to-manage business rules for verifying imported data and subsequent calculations

Custom question configuration

Portfolio asset management

Site-wide responses

Auto-populate and manage Trust-wide responses

Real-time feedback and business intelligence on returns

Interface to NHS Digital


Once you have used the ERIC Automated Solution you will wonder how you ever coped without it

In partnership with EventMAP, we specifically designed and developed the ERIC Automated Solution to assist other Trusts in managing their ERIC return and getting greater benefit from the data collected all year round. It is seamlessly updated with the new data definition requirements for the forthcoming reporting period. We have already mentioned new questions resulting from the COVID 19 pandemic, but this is true for any new addition to ERIC questions. The solution will also highlight and support you in ironing out the differences to the previous years’ data definitions when running a comparison with the previous years’ reporting period. This makes the whole process of verifying your submission, identifying any anomalies compared to the previous year and explaining those inconsistencies so much easier, before uploading your return to NHS Digital. But don’t think that the solution is a one trick pony! Once you have all of this data in a single location, it can also be utilised to inform other strategic and management decisions by running in-year reports to help with budgeting and forecasting performance. Why not speak to us about our experience of being the first Trust to use the ERIC Automated Solution? We can talk you through how the solution makes the ERIC reporting process simpler and quicker and also how you can use this data to further other Trust activities, working towards an ever more seamless digital NHS future.



""The trust provided its estates and facilities function through a wholly owned subsidiary which was very dynamic in its approach, looking for creative solutions to estate challenges. The subsidiary provided an estates and facilities service. It ensured that money raised by property disposals remained within the NHS and the model was attracting a lot of interest from other trusts.""

Care Quality Commission

"“I just wanted to say thanks very much for all your help with the move into our new offices. It was a pleasure to work with you on the Trust HQ Move board and as we made the move happen. You were really approachable and flexible and worked hard to get the information people needed on the new locations and help get them settled into their new offices. You are quite an expert on office space and relocations and I valued having you guide us through this process.""

Annabel Butcher, Head of Medical Staffing and Corporate HR

"Time and again the QTS team's property expertise shines through; nothing is too much trouble and no detail too small. The team is perennially 'can do' in their upbeat and energetic approach to engagement, and a pleasure to work with. Our HQ relocation was an intricate job, expertly done!"

Claire Murdoch, CEO, CNWL

"I wanted to say thank you to you and your team ( particularly Hannah) who have done an amazing job and that extra mile to get us over the line and allow the move to progress. Really grateful and know lot of your staff put in a serious amount of hours. Sincerely thank you. "

Maria O’Brien, Board Director of Community Service CNWL NHS Foundation Trust

"I find QTS very responsive to all requests including a recent requirement for on site security at one of our GP practices. This was provided the next working day and has made considerable difference to the staff working there."

Kate Brady, NHS West London, CCG

"QTS is a new organisation but the staff running it have a record of excellent delivery for CNWL. The relationship between the Trust and QTS is extremely good and the service provided. across all disciplines, is responsive and patient focused."

Robyn Doran, Chief Operating Officer, CNWL

"I was very impressed with the refurbishment work that QTS carried out to establish a positive and therapeutic environment for our residents who require support following the Grenfell tragedy. The end result is a bright, soothing and good quality and soothing environment for patients and staff. The project was delivered on programme and within budget"

Kate Brady, NHS West London, CCG